I am a super motivated person and this time I cannot explain how much sleep less nights am having thinking about the camping we are planning this October. We are team of 4 people and were looking to spend memorable time in north out in the wilderness. Its going to be cold but we have bought the right tent after following the guide from the Tell Me Best Resource for buying the tent with right features.

So far the tent looks very durable and something we can rely on for sure under a cold night. As a safety measure we are also planning to have 2 electric heaters along with us in case we have trouble. One for heating and other as a back up. They also came up in reasonable price after we bought it from the amazon.

One thing that got my attention is that although the manufacturing companies claim that their tents are of capacity to hold up to 4 people but in reality that is a lie. Hardly 3 people can fit in such a tent. I don’t know why there is no action taken by relative authorities to stop this scam. You can not sleep in a tent cramped up. If they are claiming 4 people then they should also mention the maximum size of the 4 people and positions they should be sleeping in.

Another interesting point that I would like to share is the weight of the tents. Two companies offering same capacity tents but in terms of their weights one is much more heavier than the other. IT might be due to the built quality. But I would  not rely too much on it as it is something to be lifted as well. Out in the wilderness you cannot pick up heavy objects just for the sake of camping. I would prefer something light in weight and easier to set up. In the end, I settled for Coleman 6-Person tent because it was according to my requirement and the website Tell me Best also recommended it.


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