Activity school is accessible to the individuals who qualify.

You should choose your own qualification to go to movement school for the Utah County Justice Court. You have close to (30) days from the date of the reference to finish the online Traffic School and submit to the Court a Traffic School Completion Certificate, Plea in Abeyance Agreement (marked by the Defendant) and pay the fine to the Court. (The two structures will endless supply of the online movement school).

Cautioning: If your fine installment or potentially printed material land at the court on the 31st day (or later) after you were ticketed, the Traffic School Completion Certificate will be void and a conviction will be entered on your driving record. online traffic school Utah Upgrade (late) charges will apply if your fine has not been paid.

Do I meet all requirements for Traffic School?

You qualify if :

You have a substantial driver’s permit now

At the season of your reference, you had a substantial driver’s permit

Your reference isn’t for offenses identified with an auto collision or damage

You were NOT refered to for going more than 20 mph over as far as possible

You were not refered to for more than one infringement

Inside the most recent year and a half you have NOT taken Traffic School, a Defensive Driving course, or went into a Plea in Abeyance consent to either lessen or reject a movement reference

Inside the previous 2 years you have NOT gotten three (3) or more moving infringement, including this reference and any that have been expelled or altered by any court

It has NOT been thirty (30) days or more since you got this reference

In the event that you establish that you are qualified for movement school you will go into a (9) month Plea in Abeyance with the Court. A Plea in Abeyance is an understanding that enables the court to expel your endless supply of specific criteria. When you go into a Plea in Abeyance Agreement, you will sign a record that states you are surrendering your sacred rights to a trial and are entering a supplication of liable. This blameworthy request is held for a particular measure of time (alluded to as a time of probation), and toward the finish of the supplication in cessation period on the off chance that you have conformed to the greater part of the conditions put forward in the understanding, your reference will be rejected. (No focuses will be connected to your driving record).


In any case, on the off chance that you neglect to consent to the assention and additionally the court finds that you were not qualified to take activity school, the court will dismiss your course finishing testament and the Plea in Abeyance understanding. The reference, and any related focuses, will be put on your driving record and any expenses related with the Plea in Abeyance and the online Traffic School won’t be discounted.

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