Elmo document camera

Elmo Document Camera and Smart Board

We can use an Elmo document camera and smart board together for classroom learning. A teacher can use these tools for effective lessons in the class. The smart board is one of the handiest tools in the world of instructional technology. It enhances the approach of training, teaching, and presenting.

A teacher can make use of it with the projector and LCD to utilize all the workings of the computer. It can easily identify the dry erase pen’s color on it. It does not give the command to the writer to press the specific buttons. Its board automatically corrects the color with the pick of a pen from its tray. The board’s surface works excellently as the interactive screen intended for LCD projector. In a nicely lit room, the audience can effortlessly look at the image through the projector. A teacher can type the text onto the screen by the use of a virtual keyboard that is there on the screen.

Smart board: Teachers’ First Choice

Smart board is the first choice of teachers but the demonstrations of Elmo document camera convince them to buy this as well. A few of them take smart boards and Elmo document camera as two dissimilar devices because they think they are handy for specific and different functions. Certainly, they work in a different way but it does not indicate they cannot work together.

The Elmo document camera can be useful in class because it brings the live and recorded videos into the software of Smart board. It can easily attach to the smart board for work with the software. An Elmo document camera can connect easily with a computer and the images in the camera can effortlessly integrate with the smart board software. Elmo document camera can easily identify the smart board software.

The Elmo Attaches to the Smart Board

Usually, conventional cameras cannot attach to the computer or a smart board. The reason behind it is that their design ensures that they go straight to a projector via an HDMI and VGA output while many of them do not contain any USB output. The traditional cameras possess USB connectors used at low transfer rates. They can make a live video slow and beneficial in case it connects to the computer apart from displaying the captured images.

The Elmo document camera offers maximum resolution plus highest video frame rate of the document cameras to a computer. Elmo document camera is perfect with the smart board. It is simple to connect with it. The Extra sources of power are not required as well.

In contrast, Elmo document cameras constantly require an outer power adapter. When it connects with a computer, it is ready to capture the snap shop, to scan a document, to record a video, to stream live video, as well as can execute every function in the smart board software. Therefore, Elmo document camera and the smart board can work together in an appropriate way.


These tools are the best tools for engaging the students in their class activities. They can fully concentrate on their lessons without any distraction. The students will take interest in the lessons and activities displayed on these tools in the classroom.

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