Elmo document camera

Elmo Document Camera and Smart Board

We can use an Elmo document camera and smart board together for classroom learning. A teacher can use these tools for effective lessons in the class. The smart board is one of the handiest tools in the world of instructional technology. It enhances the approach of training, teaching, and presenting.

A teacher can make use of it with the projector and LCD to utilize all the workings of the computer. It can easily identify the dry erase pen’s color on it. It does not give the command to the writer to press the specific buttons. Its board automatically corrects the color with the pick of a pen from its tray. The board’s surface works excellently as the interactive screen intended for LCD projector. In a nicely lit room, the audience can effortlessly look at the image through the projector. A teacher can type the text onto the screen by the use of a virtual keyboard that is there on the screen.

Smart board: Teachers’ First Choice

Smart board is the first choice of teachers but the demonstrations of Elmo document camera convince them to buy this as well. A few of them take smart boards and Elmo document camera as two dissimilar devices because they think they are handy for specific and different functions. Certainly, they work in a different way but it does not indicate they cannot work together.

The Elmo document camera can be useful in class because it brings the live and recorded videos into the software of Smart board. It can easily attach to the smart board for work with the software. An Elmo document camera can connect easily with a computer and the images in the camera can effortlessly integrate with the smart board software. Elmo document camera can easily identify the smart board software.

The Elmo Attaches to the Smart Board

Usually, conventional cameras cannot attach to the computer or a smart board. The reason behind it is that their design ensures that they go straight to a projector via an HDMI and VGA output while many of them do not contain any USB output. The traditional cameras possess USB connectors used at low transfer rates. They can make a live video slow and beneficial in case it connects to the computer apart from displaying the captured images.

The Elmo document camera offers maximum resolution plus highest video frame rate of the document cameras to a computer. Elmo document camera is perfect with the smart board. It is simple to connect with it. The Extra sources of power are not required as well.

In contrast, Elmo document cameras constantly require an outer power adapter. When it connects with a computer, it is ready to capture the snap shop, to scan a document, to record a video, to stream live video, as well as can execute every function in the smart board software. Therefore, Elmo document camera and the smart board can work together in an appropriate way.


These tools are the best tools for engaging the students in their class activities. They can fully concentrate on their lessons without any distraction. The students will take interest in the lessons and activities displayed on these tools in the classroom.

How to purchase genuine Instagram remarks UK?

Genuine Instagram remarks UK can be viewed as a proof to the great nature of your transfers

This will make your profile all the more engaging the other Instagram clients, which are in excess of 600 million clients. It likewise draws in more dedication to your profile and also a place for surveys for your adherents to discuss what they think about your photographs. This is the reason purchasing genuine Instagram remarks UK is a marvelous thought. To purchase genuine Instagram remarks UK is extremely straightforward. To start, you have to know what number of remarks you need for your post and afterward you can pick a bundle that suits your necessities. At that point the following stage is to pick the post where you need the genuine Instagram remarks UK you purchased. At that point you pay for the remarks with the way you incline toward the most, and after that the main thing left to do, which is extremely critical when you purchase genuine Instagram remarks UK is to ensure that you have set your profile to open.

Where to purchase genuine Instagram remarks UK?

There are numerous online organizations that say they offer you these sorts of web-based social networking administrations. Get you have to remember that huge numbers of these organizations will give you the remarks from counterfeit profiles, which will influence you to look awful. Additionally, a few organizations will compose extremely nonexclusive remarks on your posts. In any case, we are extraordinary, buy instagram followers uk we offer you the likelihood to purchase genuine Instagram remarks UK that are composed by genuine individuals and obviously the profiles are genuine. You won’t have the capacity to see the contrast between our genuine remarks and the ones your supporters compose and the once we compose. In this way, purchase genuine Instagram remarks UK from us and be headed to distinction.

Purchase Instagram Comments From Real Profiles!

Making your Instagram profile work can be a strenuous undertaking. There are truly a great many records out there and it can be amazingly difficult to emerge, regardless of what sort of record you have. Possibly you have a delight blog account, a make-up related record, an individual record or any kind of business. Regardless of what your specialty is, it will be hard. You may luck out, truly, yet that is not the situation for the dominant part of clients. In any case, the group at Igers.co.UK needs to assist everybody out there battling with their Instagram accounts. We know it’s hard, and we need to make it considerably simpler for every one of you.

The market for Instagram administrations has grown a great deal in the previous years. The issue is that most administrations you discover there are generally bots. Bots all over the place, with the exception of on Igers.co.UK. Here at Igers.co.UK we need to give our customers the best sort of assistance they can get, and that includes 0% utilization of bots. Thus, on the off chance that you need your record to develop and make individuals more pulled in to it, you have to purchase Instagram remarks UK. Be that as it may, no sorts of remarks… Igers.co.UK remarks! On the off chance that you buy these administrations from our site, you will purchase genuine Instagram remarks UK that originate from genuine dynamic records (AKA, no bots!). What’s more, not only that, they’ll be remarks from either American or British clients that will really remark significant things identified with the photos you’ve transferred. In the accompanying pictures you can see an ideal case of the remarks we’re alluding to.

The novice’s manual for purchasing Toto

Never purchased a solitary Toto ticket in your life? You’re passing up a great opportunity, particularly amid lottery crest seasons like Chinese New Year where the big stake could go up to $12 million.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you discover the lottery’s guidelines excessively overwhelming, we have a basic manual for show you the nuts and bolts of putting down a Toto wager.

Standards of the Game

The most effortless adaptation of Toto is the Ordinary Bet. This includes picking no less than six numbers in the vicinity of 1 and 49. The base wager is $1 for each arrangement of numbers, and if your picked numbers coordinate no less than three of the triumphant numbers, you win a prize.

The most noteworthy sum you can win is the big stake, if every one of your numbers coordinate the six winning numbers. http://www.jom4d.com You can purchase a couple of sets of numbers on a ticket yet winning numbers need to have a place with a similar set.

In the event that you have no number inclination, you can produce irregular numbers by choosing QuickPick, which won’t be charged at any extra cost.

There are more intricate wagering frameworks, for example, the System 7 to 12 Entry. This enables you to pick put seven to 12 numbers inside a set, albeit wagering expense will ncrease exponentially.

For instance, purchasing a System 7 Entry gives you the decision of 7 numbers, which makes up 7 normal sections. Subsequently the wager sum moves toward becoming $7 as your odds are increased by 7. So also, purchasing a System 8 Entry with 8 numbers will cost you $28.

This is the same for System 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 where you can pick more numbers with a higher wager. On the off chance that you might want to impart your wager to a gathering of companions to expand your chances, you can purchase a System 12 Entry. In spite of the fact that this raises your odds for the bonanza, a System 12 wager could cost up to $924. You can allude to the table underneath on how much every section costs.

On the other hand, you can buy at least one units of iTOTO to share the chances of a System 12 Entry.

An iTOTO wager is a QuickPick System 12 Entry isolated by 28 units. Every unit costs $33 (cost of a System 12 Entry of $924 separated by 28). Subsequently, the prize sum for each triumphant iTOTO unit is the prize measure of the triumphant QuickPick System 12 Entry separated by 28. This is a mainstream and more reasonable choice on the off chance that you are enticed to get a System 12 Entry to build your chances of winning.

Another sort of Toto wager is the System Roll where you can put down a wager on five quantities of your decision and one moving number. The moving number, assigned by ‘R’ can speak to all outstanding 44 numbers. The wager sum for the framework roll is $44 as this gives you 44 mixes of normal passages.

Instructions to develop your Taxi Business

Is it true that you are developing to taxi Company, increment, and increase new clients and faithful client? on the off chance that you , then look no further, I have ordered a rundown of the best tips that will enable you to begin or develop your taxi organization Business

Informal exchange marketing1. Informal – :Word of mouth is the one of the greatest of advertising those proprietor and supervisors tend to ignore. There is not all that much and well fruitful than having a glad client who prescribes your organization to the greater part of their families. Companions and associates. Taxi organizations can truly steal on the expressions of mouth showcasing as they give an administration where wellbeing is an issue, something extremely potential clients when get some information about before calling your organization.

Referrals2. Referrals-:- : If you do approach client for referrals and don’t have the cash to offer a reward a program yet, another technique to collect extraordinary gather verbal showcasing is referrals. CAB PLYMOUTH This is a standout amongst the most effective approaches to get new client. Most faithful client will arbitrator you taxi administration to companion and family basically to be a decent and moderate their a great many people love to boast and look savvy before their companions. When they found an owes item benefit be that as it may, an awesome method to help referrals from your whole client is to offer is to offer a sort or reward framework. You can give away for all intents and purposes consequently from just for reference, for example, present for taxi rides of fun.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_Marketing3. Coordinate promoting :Direct advertising is one of the simplest and least expensive approaches to showcasing your the taxi organizations. A basic way you specifically showcase your l client is thought cards. Place you business card in populace region where individuals may need to require a taxi, for example, a you can likewise pass out your business cards to your client toward the finish of each ride. A great many people who take a taxi will require be grabbed again toward the finish of their remain.

Advance Reports: Features of Writing

Regardless of what you’re taking a shot at, a venture at work or a thesis, you should adapt to advance reports as they are a necessary piece of undertaking administration. These reports help your bosses, clients, and customers remain a la mode about the venture. As a matter of first importance, you need to center around achievements and critical things that should be done later on. Beginning First, make sense of the motivation behind the report. You might be approached to compose it for different reasons. Contingent upon the reason, such reports are ordered into two noteworthy gatherings: Progress reports for explore programs are not the same as such reports made for an undertaking at work. Papers of this compose are for the most part centered around refering to the data, while costs assume an auxiliary part. Work reports for customers contrast from those composed for directors. For this situation, reasons for such reports may fluctuate in every specific case. Consider your gathering of people and think what things they should know in any case.

All reports of such a kind have a few things in like manner, yet you should think about specifics of a specific paper: What part your perusers play in the venture? How they advantage from the fruitful result? This inquiry decides the distinction between reports for managers and those made for clients. What choice your perusers must make subsequent to perusing your report (support, cash and time venture, and so on.)? What particular data is important for perusers to comprehend the undertaking? You may need to clarify them some specialized terms or other particular data.  writing essay After this, choose which strategy for correspondence fits your goal best. Advance reports are not restricted by the organization of a composed archive. You may give a week by week or month to month oral report, or send intermittent messages. You can likewise give reports in a type of formal or casual notices to your bosses, and in addition as formal reports for clients or government structures. In the event that you don’t have enough involvement in composing such reports, request that your bosses illuminate exceedingly essential points of interest.

Your report must meet the required arrangement of your organization. Think about your tone. Advance reports might be formal or casual. Also, much of the time, reports for partners and directors are fairly casual. For such a reason, we propose asking your chiefs what precisely they are searching for. In case you’re setting up a report for government organizations, you should pick a formal tone. The Writing Process You may compose a bulleted list that will enable you to arrange your materials appropriately. It’s a casual method for composing a report so you may utilize it for email reports or updates. Now and again advance reports may profit by tables and different delineations, particularly on the off chance that you’re requesting financing. As a matter of first importance, you must be clear, so we recommend making subsections and arranging pertinent material by gatherings, including subheadings. Such an approach will streamline the view of your paper. In the event that you realize that your group of onlookers is most keen on a specific kind of data, you might need to show it first. Compose a heading, including the date of the report, your name and position, the name of the beneficiary, and the subject of the report. After this, get to a presentation. It gives a concise review of the undertaking and its present status. You may isolate this area from the rest of the passages and compose it in italics. A body of your proposition must incorporate subsections, furnishing perusers with more nitty gritty data presented before all else. Expound on the expert assignments and current objectives. Address immeasurably essential issues and give conceivable answers for them. Gauge changes that occurred amid the thought about period. It’s insufficient to simply tell your perusers of what has been expert and what happened. You likewise should address future points of view and clarify in what heading the venture moves. Give careful consideration to issues that may influence due dates or the financial plan. Try not to attempt to make light of issues yet don’t make them the focal piece of your report. Ensure that your appraisals are practical and you don’t guarantee your perusers something that you impossible will figure out how to convey. Another essential data is work hours. You need to enable your perusers to see how much time and exertion your group put into the task. They should understand that you’re buckling down, attempting to take care of every single existing issue.

DB2 for z/OS: Native SQL Procedures and STAY RESIDENT

Two or three days back, I got from a DB2 for z/OS proficient an inquiry regarding put away techniques. This individual got some information about the STAY RESIDENT choice of CREATE PROCEDURE (and ALTER PROCEDURE), and its impact on a local SQL methodology (i.e., a put away technique that is composed in SQL strategy dialect – otherwise known as SQL PL – and which keeps running in the DB2 database administrations address space). Not as much as a hour after the email containing the inquiry hit my in-box, another message from the same DB2 individual arrived. The lead word in this second note was “Dismissal,” and that was trailed by clarification of the revelation that STAY RESIDENT isn’t pertinent to a local SQL strategy.

Things being what they are, this inquiry asker had rapidly discovered that STAY RESIDENT is just significant to an outside DB2 put away method (alluding to a put away system that is composed in a dialect, for example, COBOL and which keeps running in a DB2 put away technique address space); still, I feel that the inquiry stays intriguing in light of the fact that it prompts another: if STAY RESIDENT YES or NO can’t be determined on a CREATE or ALTER PROCEDURE explanation fixing to a local SQL strategy, the end result for the executable after the local SQL methodology has been called and afterward hurries to finishing?

In thinking about this inquiry, consider the idea of the executable. For an outer put away technique, the related executable is a heap module. At the point when the outer put away method is first summoned, its heap module will be replicated from a heap library on plate into a put away methodology address space in the z/OS LPAR in which the DB2 subsystem is running. https://www.lsm99-online.com/ After the put away strategy has race to culmination, its heap module will stay in memory in the put away methodology address space if the put away system was made with (or consequently changed to have) the STAY RESIDENT YES determination; generally, the heap module will be erased from memory after the put away technique has got done with executing. For an outside put away technique, in this way, STAY RESIDENT YES is an execution tuning alternative that can be fittingly used for outer put away methodology programs that are accumulated and connected as reentrant and reusable (if a put away strategy program isn’t reentrant and reusable and is characterized – appropriately, all things considered – with STAY RESIDENT NO, module stack time can be lessened by stacking from the z/OS Virtual Lookaside Facility, otherwise known as VLF).

In case we’re discussing a local SQL system, that put away methodology’s unparalleled executable is its DB2 bundle. To put it a somewhat extraordinary route, for a local SQL strategy the bundle is the executable (instead of the outer put away method circumstance, in which the bundle is just piece of the executable story – the other part being the put away technique’s heap module). What would we be able to say in regards to the “remain inhabitant” normal for a local SQL method’s executable (its bundle)? We can say in regards to that what we’d say for ANY DB2 bundle: it relies upon the span of the DB2 skeleton pool, the nature of the string through which the local SQL methodology is summoned, and the RELEASE determination of the SQL system’s bundle. Hereinafter I’ll develop that announcement.

Manfaatnya Bermain Judi Togel Online Terbaik

Permainan judi togel online ialah permainan yang sangat lama tersedia di Indonesia. Permainan ini memang bukan asli dari Indonesia tetapi justru sangat populer di masyarakatnya. Permainan yang menjanjikan uang puluhan juta rupiah ini withering diminati oleh kalangan masyarakat Indonesia. Tidak memandang dari kalangan atas, menengah atau bawah bisa bermain judi togel on the web. Permainan yang dinobatkan sebagai permainan yang begitu kuno ini tidak pernah disisihkan oleh pemainnya karena mereka begitu mencintai permainannya. Selain itu, ada manfaatnya yang dapat dipetik dengan mencoba bermain judi togel on the web. Permainan judi togel tergolong permainan yang cukup murah sebab modalnya tidak perlu harus banyak-banyak.

Manfaat Bermain Judi Togel Online Bagi Pemainnya

Simaklah beberapa manfaat bermain judi togel online khusus untuk pemain-pemainnya:

Memperoleh penghasilan dengan cepat

Jika Anda sedang mencari tambahan penghasilan atau justru sedang mencari penghasilan utama segera ikut taruhan togel on the web. Bermain judi togel juga menjadikan Anda banyak penghasilan tambahan setiap harinya. Memang penghasilan dari bermain judi togel online tidak pasti akan setiap hari tetapi jumlahnya pasti besar.

Mudah melakukan tarik dana saat menang

Manfaat kedua adalah kemudahan tarik dana menang juga akan dirasakan setiap pemain. Dengan cara ini maka Anda akan lebih mudah mengatur uang kemenangan supaya bisa digunakan dengan baik. Judi Online Adanya pull back setiap kali menang bisa langsung Anda tarik dengan cepat dan tentu saja aman.

Bermain togel online bisa dimana saja

Nah, manfaat berikutnya adalah bermain judi togel online dimana saja adalah kemudahan setiap pemain. Karena tidak ada batasan tempat dan waktu karena semuanya lewat web dan mudah sekali diaksesnya.

Dapat menghilangkan stres dengan cepat

Bermain taruhan togel online sangat ampuh menghilangkan rasa stres yang terjadi pada kehidupan Anda. Dengan sejenak Anda akan merasakan kebahagiaan dan juga kepuasan bermain judi togel sehingga akan melupakan semua rasa stres yang terjadi pada Anda.

Requesting Custom American Apparel T-Shirts in Dallas

Custom American Apparel T-Shirts in Dallas

In the course of the most recent year we’ve possessed the capacity to work with a great deal of organizations, printing custom American Apparel shirts in Dallas. Since we are web based, we have No Sales Tax, Super-Fast Turnaround Times and lower costs than most Dallas based-printers, in addition to we have been an extremely profitable asset for organizations and associations that constantly hope to spare cash while as yet keeping up the most elevated nature of printed Apparel! Over simply printing, we can help with your plan (look at our portfolio for illustrations), so whatever your need, please let us know!

Here are the 3 most-basic item related solicitations that we hear:

  1. Delicate Custom Printed T-Shirts
  2. Slimmer Fitting Custom Printed T-Shirts
  3. What’s more, most critical… the shirts must be American Apparel mark.

Custom Dallas American Apparel T-Shirts

Realizing that our Dallas Custom T-Shirt clientelle have exclusive requirements, rick and morty t shirt here are 3 of our most prevalent shirts that you could consider for your next custom screen printed shirt arrange:

Top 3 Custom American Apparel Products for Dallas Customers:

Custom American Apparel 100% Cotton 2001 T-Shirt… The fundamental 100% Fine Jersey American Apparel shirt that sets the standard for 100% Cotton shirt. The slimmer fit and full-assortment of hues, settle on this a decent decision for any custom screen printed shirt venture. This shirt is likewise accessible in a women form (our Custom American Apparel Ladies 2102 shirt).

Exceptionally Printed American Apparel 50/50 T-Shirt… Somewhat more costly than the 2001, yet significantly gentler, the 50/50 American Apparel (half Cotton and half Polyester) is considerably milder, while as yet offering the mainstream custom fitted fit that American Apparel is known for… we really had a client at Google arrange these, so you know they are good!… furthermore, this shirt arrives in a women style, the Custom American Apparel Ladies 50/50 T-Shirt, or in Neon, so look at our Custom American Apparel Neon 50/50 T-Shirt to truly blow some people’s minds!

Specially Printed American Apparel 50/25/25 Tri-Blend T-Shirts… Our most loved American Apparel shirt and likely the most famous shirt in either Unisex or Ladies style)… It’s Super-Thin, Super-Soft and highlights a Tailored Fit! This shirt has set the standard due to how delicate the half Polyester, 25% Cottona nd 25% Rayon influence this t-to shirt… at that point combined with our Vintage Ink Process-a more slender layer of ink that permits a portion of the heathered shirt texture shading to get through the more slender ink-this will rapidly beocme your most loved shirt! It additionally arrives in a women form, our Custom American Apparel Ladies 50/25/25 T-Shirt. Look at this video to see the Unisex 50/25/25 shirt in real life!

Why Customer Satisfaction is Important

Consumer loyalty is a showcasing term that measures how items or administrations provided by an organization meet or outperform a client’s desire.Consumer loyalty is imperative since it furnishes advertisers and entrepreneurs with a metric that they can use to oversee and enhance their organizations.

In an overview of about 200 senior promoting chiefs, 71 percent reacted that they found a consumer loyalty metric extremely valuable in overseeing and observing their organizations.

Here are the main six reasons why consumer loyalty is so imperative:

It’s a main marker of buyer repurchase aims and reliability

It’s a state of separation

It decreases client stir

It expands client lifetime esteem

It diminishes negative verbal exchange

It’s less expensive to hold clients than gain new ones

1. It’s a main marker of shopper repurchase aims and devotion

Consumer loyalty is the best pointer of how likely a client will make a buy later on. Requesting that clients rate their fulfillment on a size of 1-10 is a decent method to check whether they will move toward becoming rehash clients or even promoters.

Any clients that give you a rating of 7 or more, can be viewed as fulfilled, and you can securely anticipate that them will return and make rehash buys. Customer Service Expectations Clients who give you a rating of 9 or 10 are your potential client advocates who you can use to end up evangelists for your organization.

Scores of 6 and underneath are cautioning signs that a client is troubled and in danger of taking off. These clients should be put on a client watch list and followed up so you can decide why their fulfillment is low.

2. It’s a state of separation

In a focused commercial center where organizations vie for clients; consumer loyalty is viewed as a key differentiator. Organizations who prevail in these relentless conditions are the ones that make consumer loyalty a key component of their business procedure.

Picture two organizations that offer precisely the same. What will influence you to pick one over the other?

On the off chance that you had a suggestion for one business would that influence your supposition? Presumably. So how does that proposal initially begin? More than likely it’s on the back of a decent client encounter. Organizations who offer astounding client encounters make situations where fulfillment is high and client advocates are bounty.

This is a case of where consumer loyalty completes the cycle. Not exclusively would customer be able to fulfillment enable you to keep a finger on the beat of your current clients, it can likewise go about as a state of separation for new clients.

3. It diminishes client beat

An Accenture worldwide consumer loyalty report (2008) found that cost isn’t the fundamental purpose behind client stir; it is in reality because of the general low quality of client benefit.

Consumer loyalty is the metric you can use to lessen client beat. By estimating and following consumer loyalty you can set up new procedures to build the general nature of your client benefit.

I suggest you put an accentuation on surpassing client desires and ‘wowing’ clients at each opportunity. Do that for a half year, than measure consumer loyalty once more. See whether your new activities have had a positive or negative effect on fulfillment.

Sejarah Poker dan bagaimana poker online dimulai

Sejarah Poker dan bagaimana poker online dimulai – Meskipun poker dalam berbagai bentuk telah ada selama ratusan tahun, tak satu play on words dari para penjudi perahu atau pemilik kasino bisa meramalkan bagaimana web akan mengubah lanskap perjudian. Kasino telah menghabiskan banyak uang untuk mencegah perluasan perjudian untuk menjaga penjudi datang ke perusahaan mereka, terutama di Las Vegas dan Atlantic City.

Kemudian sejumlah suku Indian memasuki pasar setelah didirikan hak mereka untuk mengabaikan peraturan negara, dan kasino menemukan diri mereka dengan banyak kompetisi, karena pelanggan tampaknya ingin diversion lebih nyaman untuk rumah mereka. Beberapa kemudian menyadari peluang yang web yang disediakan untuk memberikan diversion tanpa perjalanan sama sekali. Selain itu kasino ini tidak memiliki ‘batu bata dan mortir’ investasi yang akan dilakukan.

Pada tahun 1998 kasino online dibuka itu pintu maya (Planet poker). Kadang-kadang dimulai kedua lebih baik dari yang pertama, terutama dengan sesuatu yang didasarkan pada teknologi baru. Heaven poker membuka tak lama setelah, Situs Judi Online tetapi memiliki keuntungan dari belajar dari kesalahan dan kelalaian Tanaman Poker, dan mereka dengan cepat menjadi situs yang withering populer. Sekarang ada banyak situs untuk permainan free dan uang. Jika Anda telah melihat turnamen poker profesional pada TV Anda telah melihat kemeja, topi, dan jaket dengan nama-nama mereka terpampang pada mereka (Partai Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Poker Bintang, dll).

Hampir setiap pemenang World Series of Poker di masa lalu telah mulai bermain karir mereka dan belajar secara on the web. Manfaat penerbangan murah dan banyak kesempatan untuk bermain tangan selama satu hari, membantu pemain untuk berlatih dan mengevaluasi strategi mereka. Chris Moneymaker, pemenang lebih dari $ 8 juta di World Series of Poker, mulai secara online dan benar-benar memenangkan nya masuk Biaya bermain di turnamen on the web. Jelas ia mampu mengembangkan keterampilan yang cukup untuk menang di turnamen live pertama nya. Ketika itu terjadi itu mendorong tanaman baru seluruh pemain muda untuk mengejar menjadi pemain poker profesional.

Sejarah Poker dan bagaimana poker online dimulai